Expanded Prosperity • Safer Neighborhoods • Diverse Voices

Strong, prosperous neighborhoods

Together, we can expand Lancaster’s booming prosperity beyond the downtown business district and into the lives of everyday Lancastrians. By listening to the needs of the community, we can create sustainable and locally-focused growth that keeps the city accessible for those who already live there. When the city prospers, the residents should prosper as well.

Support neighborhood initiatives

Neighborhood groups know what they need. As a councilperson, Matt will work to facilitate their efforts to improve their neighborhoods in the ways they see as most effective.

Expand support for home improvement

Currently, grants for façade improvements are only given to businesses in the downtown area. Matt will work to expand access to this program for the whole city.

Proactive community policing

Communities should know their officers, and officers should know their communities. Community policing depends on the cooperation between officers and the residents in the areas where they police. This makes policing more effective, community-focused, and makes communities safer.

Bring officers back to the city

Matt will help to create an initiative that encourages officers to make their homes in the city that they police. When officers live where they work, their investment in the community is even greater.

Revive & promote the Cadet Program

The Cadet Program recruits officers from the city, assists them in training, and keeps policing local. Matt will work to revamp the program to make it work for the city again.

Connected to diverse communities;
Supported by diverse voices

At its best, local government should be accessible and transparent. As your city councilperson, Matt will represent every city resident in city government. He is committed to staying engaged and approachable to the whole city.

Open and accessible

When elected, Matt will continue to hold open meet and greets in every quadrant of the city so that his priorities and decisions are transparent and your voices can be brought right to the city administration.

Embracing our welcoming history

Matt is deeply invested in bringing all voices to the table, because diversity is key to Lancaster’s success. He will bring the experiences of all people to city administration to make Lancaster a sanctuary for all.