Strong, safe, prosperous neighborhoods

I want to help build a Lancaster City that provides access to affordable housing, promotes the growth of business without gentrification, and strengthens a sense that neighbors can help look after each other for the greater good. This means not just focusing on one area of the city, but all of it— and reinforcing our values of respecting (and even celebrating) our different cultures, backgrounds, and faiths.

Collaboration across institutional barriers

For too long, our country has suffered from a mantra of drawing a line and never crossing it, even when it makes sense to do so. I don’t believe this makes anyone stronger— nor does it make government stronger. I will go beyond institutional barriers to bring smart, passionate people together, and we’ll solve problems and find solutions that benefit everyone— regardless of affiliation.

Sanctuary City

I want to honor the longstanding tradition of Lancaster City as a leader in protecting people no matter where they come from or how they got here. Following the mindset of past Lancaster residents who took part in the Underground Railroad and those who continue to fight for the well-being of undocumented and refugee community members, I will prioritize making Lancaster a recognized Sanctuary City for all.

Continued support for the arts and humanities

The vibrant arts and music scene in Lancaster is one of the big reasons people fall in love with our city, and as a councilperson I will prioritize the continued support for the arts—and make sure to include a focus on the arts that are happening not only downtown, but also across our city’s diverse neighborhoods.