Matt Johnson is a true Lancastrian

Matt Johnson ♥s Lancaster City

Matt Johnson has been a Lancaster City resident for over 15 years. In that time he has been a baker, a teacher, a musician, and an advocate for the people of Lancaster.

What most people know about Matt—no matter what hat he was wearing when they first met him—is how strongly he cares about people, progress, and the City of Lancaster. Matt believes in surrounding himself with people who care and empowering them to do just about anything. And Lancaster is a great place to find intelligent, caring, and motivated people to do just that—anything we set our minds to.

Matt firmly believes that politics is the art of priorities. In the world of politics, it’s not about what you’re willing to promise—it’s what you’re willing to spend your energy, time, and passion on that makes a real and lasting difference. Matt’s passion and priority is to make Lancaster City stronger economically, safer for not just downtown but for the whole of the city, and to push City Council to go further in reinforcing our city’s tradition of being an example of what progressive, compassionate politics can bring about.

A long-time (until recently) resident of the Cabbage Hill neighborhood, Matt, his wife Jill, and his stepson Lucas have called Mulberry Street home for two years.

Watch the Johnson for City Council Campaign Video!


Ph.D. Philosophy (In Progress) – Temple University
M.A. Philosophy – Temple University
B.A. Philosophy – Millersville University
B.A. English – Millersville University

Capital Region Stonewall Democrats Endorsement 🏳️‍🌈

Matt is proud to have been endorsed by the Capital Region Stonewall Democrats in the 2017 primary cycle. CRSD is an organization that advocates for equal rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.